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Friday, June 13, 2008

Convert A Car To Run On Water Part 2

Convert A Car To Run On Water – How It Works

This section is a bit technical, but if you are a car fanatic, you probably will love it. If not, simply go straight to download your full “Run Car On Water” instructions guide.

Essentially, when the mini-system is ready, water is pumped on demand to maintain the liquid level in the chamber. Electrodes are vibrated with a 0.5 – 5A electrical pulse which then breaks down the H2O into H2 and O2.

The chemical reaction takes place like this: 2H2O => 2H2 + O2

Once the pressure hits between 30 and 60 PSI, you can then turn the key and go. Step on the pedal to power up the electrodes, and blast the vapor to the cylinders. Fuel on demand!

Set the idle max-flow rate to optimize the use of that power. Free energy from the tap water comes from its latent energy and is enough to power the engine, drive the alternator and belt-driven accessories. From there, the alternator can run the various electrical loads (between 10 to 20 amperes) plus the low current needed to run the fuel vapor reaction.

Sounds complicated? Maybe. But it works well!

Skip this portion if you are a non-techie and download the A-Z step by step guide to convert your car to run on water fuel.

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Convert A Car To Run On Water Part 1

Convert A Car To Run On water – The Plan

Want to learn how to convert your car to run on water as fuel?

Before we talk about that, my advice to you is this. If you are a first timer or know nuts about it, use this on an old car that is of little or no value to you. Perhaps a car that you no longer use and is tucked away in the garage would be a perfect candidate.

Does it mean that the method is risky and does not work? Absolutely NOT!

It’s just like following a cake recipe to bake a cake. You know what I mean?

By the way, the method works on Tap Water. You do not have to use distilled water and so on. Also, you may want to know that it also works on your truck, RV, motorcycle and just about any vehicle that runs on gas. Cool?

Converting Your Car To Run On Water Fuel - The Plan

The whole “Car On Water Fuel” system requires us building and installing a simple low-cost mini-system for running our vehicle (the internal combustion engine) on tap water using off-the-shelf parts.

This mini-system will make use of our existing battery and electrical system in the car as the power source to convert tap water into gases like hydrogen and oxygen. These vapors are then burnt in the engine.

You will need to plug this kit into your carburetor with simple off-the-shelf fittings. The carburetor or carb is found within the internal combustion engine and is meant to maintain the air and fuel in right proportions for even combustion.

Basically, you will be installing a plastic water tank, a control circuit (CC), a reaction chamber, a high-pressure carb/FI fitting, 3 gauges and finally hooking this into your vehicle’s carb/FI.

This is a “on-demand” water-burning system. This means that it works when you need it. By cranking on the gas pedal or throttle, you electrically create the vapor for instant consumption on demand according to the flow rate you desire from idle to maximum power.

This is how the entire system works. Ready to run your car on water now?

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